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Las Mariposas (The Butterflies)

An obelisk in honor of the Mirabal sisters

Patria Mirabal

Patria is the oldest and most religious of the Mirabal sisters. She marries Pedrito Gonzalez when she is sixteen and quickly has 2 children. When her third child is stillborn, Patria loses her faith. She regains her faith on a pilgrimage and joins the resistance after a religous retreat.

Dede Mirabal

Dede is the second Mirabal sister. Dede is the only sister that doesn't join the revolution and the only sister that lives to see the end of the Trujillo regime. The story is told through Dede being interviewed many years after the events of the story.

Minerva Mirabal

Minerva is the third Mirabal daughter. She is the first to join and is the most committed to revolution. Later in the story when the Minerva is released from prison, she questions whether to continue with her resistance of the tyranny or to live safely and quietly.

Maria Teresa Mirabal

Maria Teresa, born nine years after Minerva, is by far the youngest of the sisters. She is the most playful and frivolous of the four. She allows Minerva to use her home to store things for the revolution and joins after seeing her future husband Leandro.

"The Benefactor"

Rafael Trujillo


Self-titled, "The Benefactor", Rafael Trujillo is the ruthless tyrant of the Dominican Republic that the Mirabal sisters are fighting against. Trujillo rules the country through fear and has turned the Dominican Republic into his personal estate. He sentences any dissenters to prison, torture, or death. Trujillo has the Mirabal sisters assassinated and is assassinated himself less than a year later.